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M151 High current calibrator

M151 is a stable high current AC/DC calibrator up to 120 A. Current terminals are isolated up to 450 Vpk against case (protective earth). With current coil it can be used for calibration of clamp meters up to 3000 A.

NEW: Real transconductance amplifier as standard!

Accuracy: 0.035 % to 0.05 %


  • Current 8 mA … 120 A (AC/DC)
  • Frequency 15 Hz … 1 kHz
  • Real transconductance amplifier
  • Simulated current and transconductance amplifiers
  • Built-in process multimeter
  • Output capability 8 Vpk
  • Interface bus GPIB and RS232 as standard

Datasheet pdf  pdf    Manual pdf     Accessory pdf


M151 Current calibrator is accurate current source up to 120 A. It can be used for calibration of ammeters or as stable current source for precise measurement. The calibrator is equipped with a built-in multimeter that can be used for simulation of programmable transconductance or current amplifier.

The calibrator includes many other features which facilitate easy use. For example it is currently displayed uncertainty of the output signal, calibration and testing procedures etc. The concept of calibrator control and indication of its status is based on large TFT color display, which provides all necessary information. The calibrator is controlled by opening menus on the display and selection from menus. Frequently used functions are assigned direct-control keys. The calibrator comes with standard IEEE488 bus and RS-232 serial line, which allow the calibrator to be controlled from a PC.

The calibrator is supported in the automated calibration system Caliber.

Basic accessory (included in delivery)

  •          Power line cord 1 pc
  •          RS232 cable 1 pc

Options (extra ordered)

  •          151-25 Current coil 25-turns
  •          IEEE488/IEEE488 GPIB cable, 2m